Jiao Ban night at Yuyintang

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jiao ban nightJiao Ban: Well, having gotten a bunch of varying and confused answers from a selection of Mandarin native speakers it seems that SH magazine got it right in saying it's the name of a collective that includes the three bands playing. They are: Little Nature, Crazy Mushroom Brigade and Momo (formerly Happy Strings).

Continuing on from the Gala show, it seems that school's out for summer. The place was packed again, which is great for the venue and great for the three bands who all deserved a high energy crowd. Little Nature have really come along and have built a genuine following. Everyone sang along to their songs and even I managed to overlook the fromage factor for their now famous closing anthem track Happy Birthday to my Friends as the crowd waved their arms to the chorus then demanded an encore.

Update! I found the Little Nature song on Neocha here

Momo and the Mushrooms have an established fan base and a lot of playing experience. For the Mushrooms set the packed venue turned into a mad mosh zone. The atmosphere was so good that between songs the Mushroom's lead guitarist was able to spend a good five minutes doing a complete comedy bit on Edison Chen and the photos scandal. Did I mention that the temperature in the upper 30's here at the moment? The bands threw water out over the fans between tracks causing whoops from half of them and causing the other half to franctically wipe down their new digital cameras. Nice.  

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