More youtube: Jiao Ban night at Yuyintang

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I'm adding more videos to my youtube page this weekend. I guess I should dilligently try to get a good video of each act (there's usually 3+ bands at any given event here) in order to get the youtube channel going - but - I really prefer to enjoy the gigs for myself as a priority. Sorry about that. Also, I feel odd taking so many pics as it is because I frequently deride people who seem to be at gigs solely to test out their new digital camera. Bah humbug. Although, recent events show that some of those people may actually be working on their books. Small scene in a big town sometimes means that half the crowd are there for other reasons than pure enjoyment.

So here's the first vid of the weekend. Check back to the page for Car Sick Cars. Without further ado, more Crazy Musrooms.



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