No. 1 Korean live @ Logo Bar

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no. 1 koreanYup, I went to see No. 1 Korean again, the very next night. This was due to the Bar 288 dissapointment that I just blogged here. This time I had a choice of Live Bar - excellent dive venue but miles away - or Logo bar - an ex-pat party crowd hangout, size of a postage stamp but round the corner from my house. Laziness won out and I went to Logo.

Listening to comments in the crowd, both last night and tonight, it became apparent that a lot of people there had no idea that these guys are a fully pro big band who have been on the telly an' everything. Check this video out.

So, the band started up and were amazing, just like the previous night. The aforementioned postage stamp area in front of the 'stage' was half filled with narcissist socialites obliviously blocking the way and standing on people's feet etc. But, thankfully, they all buggered off to different parts of the bar after a couple of songs and a half decent jumping/dancing area got underway.

The band are excellent and I picked up both their CDs after the show. Now I will have ska-tastic memories in the comfort of my own home for many days to come.

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