A reminder: August, Wang Juan

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wangjuan flyerAs if anyone could forget, we are in the middle of the world's greatest sports event propaganda showpiece for the nation-states system we live under. As I previously reported, this has had a big effect on the music scene here and hence this blog.

The next show in the scene, and thus the next one I'll be attending, is on the 17th of this month. It will be put on by Yuyintang at the alternative venue 'The Dream Factory'. Playing is Wang Juan and her band. You can get a preview of her music here. Then, normal service resumes on the 22nd with a show by Gar.

In the meantime you will see some posts in the other category popping up, maybe some stuff on education or pop culture ... that is if Jim can stop actually doing his job for just one minute and post on movies. I might have to bore the pants off readers with a comparison of industry standard script formats for film vs. comic books.

Finally, with Aric Queen on his holiday and not posting much on his Beat column, City Weekend have recruited a mystery writer to post on the music scene in their nightlife section. The new writer goes under the anonymous handle Punknotjunk and has a fake photo too. They've put up five articles since August 1st and it's a paid gig over at CW. But what is with the secret identity? Is someone I know really this superhero by night? Is it someone known as a scene commentator moonlighting and not wanting trouble from other employers? Or perhaps they just enjoy being all Mysterio. Either way, it's another newswire type service to check, I suppose.   

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Show at the Dream Factory on the 23rd just popped up on my radar, maybe you already know about it...

  chaos mind
  six shot

Hey Micah

Thanks for the tip. Also, Live Bar are managing to put stuff on even this week, but it's mainly Ol*mp*cs themed and it's in Yangpu. I'm not sure about this show, I mean, Six Shot, Chaos Mind and then Cold Fairyland ... why. Maybe I'll leave after Yuguo and pretend I've seen a consistent show. Although, I guess metal on the same bill as Yuguo's style is still fairly odd.

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