Brad Ferguson already back on his hoss

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controlI have open commenting now, does that mean I might end up with those people who comment on spelling errors? Err, I can spell horse, Brad is from Texas ... it's one of those really really funny jokes ... really funny.

I recently posted on Brad Ferguson's split with Windows Underground right here. Just two weeks later he's already back and promoting a new series of rock shows in Shanghai. This time Brad is branding himself with a catchy name Control. Not literally of course, oh thoseTexans.

The first show is going to be at Dream Factory on the 13th September and Brad's doing it by himself and out of pocket so Shanghai based readers should get along and support the show. Here's the line-up:

Boys Climbing Ropes
The Rogue Transmission
Hard Queen

The release of their excellent CD City Weather Sailing has established PK-14 as pretty much the top punk/rock act in China now. The CD quality, production and conception is right up there and you can even get the CD details via I-tunes - oooooh. That's rather flash for the China underground scene. They are worthy headliners.

I should also mention that when I was following up with Brad on the details for this post he was careful to say that nothing's planned beyond the first show. PK-14 had already been booked for Windows Underground. So, let's have a repeat of the Tembo Subs show - get to the show make it a success and a good time ... and maybe it'll lead to more shows. Also, if you don't go, those spelling-nazi commenters are going to hunt you down.

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sweet godalmighty - is Brad wearing khakis?

sad to be missing this lineup.

sweet godalmighty - is Brad wearing khakis?

sad to be missing this lineup.

I'm still wearing a black t-shirt, though, so that ought to count for something. And thank you for not mentioning that you've seen me in a suit...

I make sure all loose ends regarding people who've seen or photographed me wearing formal clothes are tied up - Keyser Sozestyle.

> you can even get the CD details via I-tunes

Not outside of China you can't.

Really? That's a pity. I bought the CD and when I put it on my I-pod, I-tunes just loaded up all the info. I didn't know they had localized service.

Thanks for the tip.

Big props to Brad to keep pushing along and I wish him the best of luck. Always happy to help in any way I can.

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