Jia Ying Around Shanghai does rock

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jiayingWhile I was out front of Yuyintang last night there was a small film crew next to me. They had external mics and were doing an segment, seemed semi-professional. Later on, the presenter asked me for an interview to which I said no. They looked like a mainstream crew and who knows what context you're going to end up in. I must point out that they have no idea about me or my blog they were just doing random exit interviews. Then, on my way home I couldn't shake a feeling that I knew them from somewhere.

I spotted it on Facebook today. Sam (lao gao) from Yuyintang had shared a video from Tudou about the recent summer bash at Dream Factory. It was done by the same crew.

The show is a net based program where host Jia Ying goes around Shanghai checking out the arts an entertainment scene. Their Tudou channel is a featured channel with a banner, much like the partners on Youtube. They have a very cool intro animation too. 

Here is the show's channel Jia Ying out and about in Shanghai
And here is Jia Ying's blog (Chinese).

What can I say about the video itself? Alas, Jia Ying's intro is way off. This show was a celebration bash to wipe away the frustration of a three week ban during the sporting event that shall not be named. The intro doesn't mention this and instead opts to patronise the bands on behalf of Jia Ying viewers who may not be familiar with local rock. She says that we shouldn't be hasty to judge them if the performance is not very good, the important thing is that they are trying hard and following their dreams. Is she really talking about Yu Guo and Cold Fairyland?

Update: You can see Jiaying's YYt visit here

Watch her channel for signs of the next show which should be the YYT one, the Life Journey Show. And without further ado ...



Footnote for anticipated pedantry: The show literally means Jiaying Plays in Shanghai but play is never used in English to denote a grown adult checking out nightlife or museums or what have you.

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