Just for fun: Jet Set Willy feat. Hedgehog

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I was f***ing around with my wife's Spectrum Emulator today in order to play my favourite game from 1985-86 ... when I was, ahem, 13 ... Jet Set Willy. So I made a video of Willy finding the secret entrance to the rooms under the house - the Forgotten Abbey. They eventually lead to the Entrance To Hades. However, it's rock hard and I couldn't get out the first room.

The video as I made it is clear and quite funny. It is set to a kick ass song by Beijing indie rockers Hedgehog. The song is appropriately about reliving your childhood.

However, after screen recording - editing, encoding ...then further encoding by Youtube - it is tiny and exceptionally bad quality. Watch it for the hedgehog song or if you are fond of Jet Set Willy. Look closely to see Willy's lives at the bottom, dancing to the tune. By the way, it's not as bad as the screencap in the player makes it out to be.



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You *could* play Andy Noble's Windows version :)

JSW II is also out on PC at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/dan_richardson_uk/JSWII.html

Don't know if you know, but Matthew Smith (JSW author) was, I think, from Wallasey before he disappeared (I think he has since been found) - anyway.... there is a pretty active retro remakes scene going on, and even a monthly mag (unless it has stopped publication recently).

I used to check out abandonware at Home of the Underdogs all the time. A bunch of them don't work on my PC anymore.

A coupl of years back I got the colour windows remake of Head Over Heels and finally got round all the planets and areas. It rules.Jet Set Willy is so rock solid to do honestly. And it got that surreal atmosphere and subtle humour to it that modern games just don't have.

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