Lu Xing Tuan live @ Yuyintang

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luxing tuanAnd so continues my adventures in post-rock slash shoegazing indie slash call-it-whatever-the-f**k-you-like I was born at the start of the seventies and know all about self-indulgent intrumental wank-fests, haven't you heard of progressive rock before ...

... sorry.

Finally I found some that I quite liked. Lu Xing Tuan (that's "lv", pedants) mainly hail from China's Guangxi province down south. Their English name is Life Journey and they are signed to Modern Sky records in Beijing. I managed to check out a couple of their songs before I went to the show. And you can too: here

Luckily, I have this habit of going to shows and night-time events on time. Lucky because this one was another case of the reverse curse. As I may have mentioned before, YYT have the habit of packing in extra bands and yet still failing to start any of them until a good hour late or so. Not a big deal for most people. This time, there were no support acts at all and Luxing Tuan kicked off at exactly the advertised time of nine. This meant that around half of the great turn out wandered in half way through the set imagining it was a support act.

Luxing Tuan turned out to be pretty good. I was a bit worried at first but once they settled and the sound got tweaked it turned into a good show. Their drummer gave them just enough energy to keep the crowd into it but not enough to break their dreamy atmosphere. The vocal lines and harmonies were on. The songs were good and the audience really enjoyed it. It was the reverse of what I normally get from this style, the live show was much more effective than the CD. The other example being Wang Wen whose CD was nuanced and interesting but live it was just toothless.   

I was there with friends and I've been a bit sick lately, so for the last part of the set I chilled on the couch in the CD shop part and did the hipster thing - watch people coming in and out through the door and judge them. What suprised me though was the amount of trying to get out of paying going on. It was quite funny with all the classic lines and hopeful looks. But just in case not every reader here is like minded: YYT are not rich and do us all a great service. Even if you are offered free entry for legitimate reasons, you should say no and pay anyway, they really need the money. If I got it all wrong and people weren't trying to scam in for free (because people never do that, do they) they why weren't you trying to pay double to show your support! 

Finally, here's a photo of the new mural on the outside wall. Complete with some idiot standing in the way of it. Some idiot with a blog. Don't forget to check the Youtube channel for tonight's vid.

some twat  

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