No soup for you!

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soup naziWell, first of all my friend Tina who runs Sofa Cafe was mentioning that she may have to cancel her in-house guitarist for the month and maybe even close the bar during the Ol*mp*cs.

Then I saw this article.

And finally today it all started to come horribly true: Yuyintang have officially announced that all shows from tomorrow are off until next month. That is, they have been ordered to close, as opposed to some kind of voluntary wish to not take one viewer from track and field. Yes, we are officially forbidden from having a good time until after the Ol*mp*cs are done.

No soup for you! 


Update: Abe Deyo just confirmed over on Shanghaiist that Windows Underground has suffered the same fate. Live Bar must be the same, but I haven't confirmed yet.

No more soup for you, come back one month! 


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