Summer Picks Redux

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hard queen yuyintangSo, not so many posts ago, I mentioned the City Weekend summer picks and the fact that I was one of the pickers. These five songs by Shanghai bands represented the ex-pat pundit/fan's choice and led me to rant on about Cold Fairyland.

With three weeks of no shows at the moment, I have decided to follow on from Aric's picks post with another five - this time from 'locals'. Lucky for me, they all have pages where you can hear the music, but not every page has the exact song. Sorry.

It should be mentioned that Frank Fen and Kevin Zhong had their tongues firmly in their cheeks for their picks (themselves) and the E-mails/texts were punctuated with laughs and groans. They are both great guys who don't take life so seriously.  

So here they are - five songs by Shanghai bands to listen to during the summer 'break'.

1) Evans Zhang - local muso and previously researcher for Gig Shanghai
    Mortal Fools: Yang Rou Chuan (Shish Kebab) myspace page

2) Sheena Du - singer with Hard Queen
    Banana Monkey: Drunk Daddy neocha page

3) Kevin Zhong - guitarist with Top Floor Circus and Muscle Snog
    Muscle Snog: All Tomorrow's Parties myspace page

4) Frank Fen - singer with Mortal Fools
    Mortal Fools: Age Of Assholes myspace page

5) Sam Dust - sound guy at Yuyintang and singer with Chaos Mind
    Yu Guo: Chunxiao (Spring Dawn) myspace page

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