Shy Tall Mighty live @ Yuyintang

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new sign at yuyintangTough choice tonight with one of my favourite Shanghai bands Hard Queen playing in a new venue across town. Finally I was tempted to Yuyintang by the words old school punk. I will see Hard Queen at Dream Factory next weekend. I must admit laziness playing a big part too. Since moving house last week, I am now literally five minute's walk from YYT.

Special mention: Upon arriving I was very impressed with the new sign. Check the photo. A professional looking light-up sign to go with the mural. You see, I hit all the important, insightful details when reporting the scene, like who has the nicest sign.

As support act Modern Cheese were setting up on stage I had a chat with Abe Deyo (promoter) and Jordan Small (of Boys Climbing Ropes) that was quite interesting. I'm hesitant to talk about it for fear of starting something off that may not be that good for the scene here, but I will anyway. We were talking about indie labels in Shanghai and how much they can financially support a band, or not. Jordan mentioned that he'd rather just self finance as it was comparatively cheap for foreigners. The Boys Climbing Ropes CD is good and they have a track playing on radio back in the USA in some capacity. The CD cost less than 8000 RMB to record. Strolling back later it occured to me that a good way to get your band noticed would be to come over and be based in Shanghai. You could play shows at will, headlining any venue you like, when you like and make a CD and marketing for ten times cheaper than back home.

Of course, if you do bring your band over to Shanghai, be sure to live here

So Modern Cheese kicked off and I immediately noticed the line-up change from last time. They have added a singer. At the last show, the guitarist was also the lead singer. With this addition, the songs now have some good back-ups and harmony vocal parts. It made a difference. Their first two tracks are their usual strong ones but like the previous show, the rest of the set lacks the same energy and focus. I often talk about how support acts play on way too long here and don't seem to get the concept of supporting. However, I mellowed and like the idea that YYT gives new bands a chance to play and that's what's important. I didn't, however, count on Modern Cheese. The set ended with the guitarist bringing on a stool and launching into an intimate monolgue with the audience - followed by what amounted to a second, solo set. Anyway, this band do have chops and ability and they are still worth checking out in the videos.

The Shy Tall Mighty took the stage next. No one seemed to have heard them before and there weren't any CDs knocking around the door or shop. I was mildly surprised to see the two frontmen apear - two middle aged British geezers. They just went straight into a high energy old school punk set, London accents and all. The crowd, who'd been very patient up to this point, instantly took to it. They never dropped the energy level and did a solid enjoyable show. They are not based in Shanghai though, and I'm not sure we'll see them again anytime soon or have cause to follow their development. Fans of good ol' Punk should definitely catch them if you have the chance. 

To finish, I want to mention that Kongzhong Huayuan (Sky Garden) are playing Sunday's 0093 Rock Party. I mistakenly reported their name as KongDE Huayuan last time. I really want to catch them again and see if they've improved any. Fans of Coldplay-esque jangly guitar bands should come too. 

Modern Cheese 

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To be honest,I don't feel comfortable with the new electric glaring sign. It reminds me nothing but windows and its sign of course since they look so similar in form and shape, which also adds an illusion to me that this is YYT Bar instead of the same old YYT in my memory.
Maybe I'm complaining too much here. We all know the situation YYT is facing that they are in need of money and they are working hard at every opportunity to get it. That's why they are running commercial now adding a dazzling sign outside to attract everyone walk by. And by doing that, YYT is no more as low-key as it used to be hiding everything back in the park.
As a fan of YYT, although I am not satisfied with the new accessory, I will still support the venue as always. And to thoes who hate DJs streaming into their venue nowadays will accept all these changes gradually too, hopefully.

That's an interesting comment about the deeper meaning of the sign. We were joking outside during the break between bands that considering the rough relationship betwen the scene and the authorities, we wouldn't draw attention to the place like that.

Also, to add to the write up - Shy Tall Mighty are based in Nanjing.

"-two middle aged British geezers." Hahaha, I'm sure the guys will like that :-)

I think the front man's about 68 (or more) but the guitarist is nothing but a slip of a lad :-p

Technically, I'm a middle aged British geezer myself :) But a geezer would likely describe me as an annoying scouse twat. Shy Tall Mighty played a good show and I'm a fan of their brand of punk rock. Come back soon!

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