Youtube holiday special: Notch Festival

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The No+ch Festival is a showcase of ambient and experimental bands from Norway and China that has been going a couple of years now and includes bands from other Scandinavian countries. To be honest, it's well outside of my usual likes ... but ...

This festival is organised by the guys behind Neocha is a networking site for Chinese musicians and artists. Those guys are 'do-ers'. This is important in a small scene like ours, so I went down to one of the nights with Archie Hamilton, of Splitworks, to check it out and to support. I saw a few friends and peeps down there including Sean Leow of Neocha, who has done a great job on the event. Archie recommended we go the night Efterklang (Denmark) played and it was a good tip, they were good.

I genuinely enjoyed myself. The venue was aptly surreal, an 'Environmental Leisure Park' in the middle of a high tech manufacturing zone. Basically, it's a large greenhouse. Here's a meandering vid to give you a taste of the sights and sounds. The band is Tape (Sweden). 

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Thanks for coming by Andy and glad you enjoyed yourself!

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