Babydoll SH Mag interviews continued

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xiao you and jia die
Today was the second part of  the discussion/interview with female artists in the music scene set up by Jake Newby.  Here is the first part.

Again, the feature is for SH Magazine and I was participating but can't undercut the feature by reproducing the interview. Sorry. 

Today we had the following participants:

Xiao You from Pinkberry
Jia Die from Torturing Nurse
Vivian from Moongazer
Li Yefeng from Candy Shop

It was a fun time and there was a lot of talk to be had about both the woman's situation within the music scene and other stuff like who sucks and who rocks. There wasn't much to do on the interviewer side as all four girls are intelligent and articulate. The break time small talk was just as challenging and wandered into stuff like imagery in the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe. I came away feeling justified in having pushed these bands on the blog lately. Take Pinkberry for example. Their music is fairly straightforward pop-punk but when you listen to Xiao You's level of awareness and conscious choice behind the music, you know that they are going to stand out. 

I will pinch one 'soundbite' as it happened after the end of the interview. Jia Die said:

When you perform noise it seems to be violent but when you are listening to it you can be taken to a calm place. I feel very calm and I used to listen to noise before going to sleep.

jake vivian xiao you li yefeng

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Who's that bald Western guy on the otherside of the table? Oh wait...

There were two bald Western guys there, but one likes to wear some kind of a hat all the time.

Looking forward to the upcoming article in SH and the show tonight.

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