Ben Hogue, NOIShanghai and torture

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When I was last at Yuyintang I finally got to meet Ben Hogue in person and have a chat. He was telling me about a gig in the noise scene where Torturing Nurse had a guest artist actually torture them, so to speak. 

I have covered a NOIShanghai show before here. They do their own thing apart from the rest of the scene and have gotten up to their 20th show. I noticed today that Ben has covered the show in his new blog. Here's an excerpt.

I also caught Torturing Nurse's gig the week prior, quite an usual set for them. At this, their 20th NOIShanghai concert, sound artist Yan Jun 颜峻 (who was down from Beijing to play with me and Bruce Gremo in a performance of Christian Marclay's Screen Play, part of the Shanghai eArts Festival 2008 in Xujiahui Park) decided he was going to turn the tables by torturing Torturing Nurse (in his pajamas). Xu Cheng 徐程 was tied up in a bag with a microphone, Junky was tied to a table in a raincoat with a contact mic taped to his throat, and Jia Die 蛱蝶 was taped up to a microphone and chair. (And that's all she was wearing; as an unintended encore, we got to hear her improvised offstage vocalizations as the tape was removed from her more sensitive regions.)

You can read the full post here. Oh, those crazy noise scene people. But let's be honest, who can read that write up and not be at least a little curious to get to the next show? 

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