Indie Top show: this is a call to arms

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Update: Still two free tickets up for grabs, don't be fooled by the number of comments. I should say a free ticket to the first three commenters who explicitly state they want the free ticket. Don't give up without actually reading the comments!

This blog's contents are dictated solely by where I go and what I read/hear about. I'm not in the habit of doing specific previews or listings. However, sometimes you have to break the rules in special cases.

This post is about the upcoming Indie Top showcase gig. Read about it again here. And my message is simple: you must go to this show and force everyone you know to go too.

And here's what I'm going to do: I will buy advance tickets this week and the first three commenters on this blog get a free ticket. Just leave any comment under a nickname. If you fill in the E-mail section I will see that and contact you privately.

Before I explain why, let me list the details again:

The Indie Top showcase and CD release
Friday 5th December at 19.30

Address: Zhijiang Dream Factory, The New Factories, 28 Yuyao Road, Shanghai
地点:同乐坊 芷江梦工场 上海市静安区余姚路28号

Tickets: 50 rmb, 40 rmb in advance
Ticket Hotline: 021 6227 7332

Zhong Chi 钟茌
Momo MOMO乐团
Little Nature 小自然 
Crazy Mushroom Brigade 蘑菇团 
Sonnet 十四行诗
Wang Xiaokun 王啸坤

Now. I think all venues and bands deserve equal support and on principal we should go to as many shows as possible. What we have here though is the possible start of a genuine and regular indie label in Shanghai. Beijing has Modern Sky and Maybe Mars. An amazing turnout at this show along with everyone picking up the CD there, will really make the difference. It will give extra confidence to the newer bands and push them on and will also show the label that they are doing the right thing. We have the power to help make this a turning point.

The Shanghai scene has been booming after the summer break, yes. But the hard truth is that it is still small enough that leaving things to chance can sometimes result in great bands playing to near empty rooms. Another stark fact is that - whatever the reasons and excuses - some promoters and event groups always fill their shows, while others toss the coin. So here's the thing - we the fans should become promoters and plug this show in every way we know how. Create your own events on Facebook or Xiaoneiwang. Mass E-mail. Write about this show for sites and mags. Buy your ticket in advance too. Let's sell this one out.

If this works then do this for every band and venue you like in the future - this scene needs you. 

P.S. See you in the mosh pit during Crazy Mushrooms.
P.P.S. If you are hard-core old school punk/not from Shanghai and sh*t on both indie poseurs and our fine city then The Shy Tall Mighty are back in town that day.
P.P.P.S. But really, go to Indie Top.

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Woohoo, free tickets to an indie rock concert! Shanghai rocks, and you can consider at least one of those CD's sold.

Was thinking of taking my daughter to this one. Gotta start 'em young...

I can't go but I'm the third commented, do I still get a free ticket?

Hey Dingle. Believe it or not, the answer should be yes. However, Indie Top are doing ticket sales themselves, not through the venue, so advance tickets are phone reserved then picked up on the night at the door. So, no touting for you! Sorry.

Still two up for grabs as Micah seems not decided also.

do you stll have free tickets?? :)

Yup, you got one. Just mailing you now.

I want a ticket for Charlotte. Explicitly :)

It's yours, that's all three done then.

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