Just for fun: Sunday Morning feat. Joyside

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Updates galore: Due to the popularity of the Douchegate scandal this video has now been reposted on three major Shanghai blogs. I won't link the exact posts because they are just links back here but thanks must go to Shanghaiist, Danwei and I Love China

Two weekends back, I missed an entire weekend of shows due to illness. So, now I bring you an exclusive look into the the life of a Shanghai hipster douchebag when they are not at shows or some cafe, reading a really really clever book. Set to Joyside's anthem Sunday Morning, follow me on the usual adventures like heading out to the store and making abusive phone calls.


Quality - be nice, it's partly shot on phone-camera and partly on a two year old Cybershot.
Content - if you live here and follow the news as well as blogs like Shanghaiist and Danwei, then watch away. If you don't then you might want to check this out - story.

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The milk is a nice touch.

Thanks man. Pity the shot went wobbly in the compression for some reason. By the way, I'm sure you don't need to hear this but yeah, Danwei - ruling site.

Excellent work Andy! Can we have one every Sunday?

Yes Andy nice work can we have this as a regular feature? I have to say I can't fault the quality so don't be such a perfectionist. If you need a cameraman I can help out. I can lend you my Fila top for a bit of product placement.

I'd love to do it every Sunday. The idea was that I missed a weekend of shows from being sick so had nothing to report and did this instead. Pity, I don't miss the shows that often.

It wouldn't take much of a stretch to do a kind of F-visa ghetto reality show type thing. Again, pity that I try really hard to keep the posts on topic and away from general interest stuff.

But, who knows, I've tasted z-list net fame now and there's no going back ;)

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