Other people's Youtube: 5 MinS @ Yuyintang

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Update: The video here is 5 Minutes' support act 2 Oranges. They went on last it seems. You can still see a 5 Minutes official video in the previous post. Check that out too.

Following up on the post below. I'm on a sicky this week and didn't go to any shows. There was the metal night at YYT and the festival up at the SMP skatepark too. I opted to preview the 5 MinS show, to keep it fair to the non-punk community.

Jake Newby who writes for SH Magazine, has come through for the team. Not only did he interview 5 MinS singer/composer Joy Island for the magazine, he went to the show and got the footage. You can read the interview here. And now without further ado ... the vid.

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There's a mistake ! It's 2 oranges and not 5MinS !
Check your infos guys !
5MinS was playing before this band !
check 5MinS official videos at this adress : www.myspace.com/minutes5minutes

eeep. sorry - my bad. I just had a message to say that this is actually 2 Oranges, not 5 Minutes. I think 2 Oranges is basically 5 Minutes with a couple of extra members but the music styles are a bit different. I'm afraid as I got there late I missed the support act (which I'm now told was 5 Minutes) and when I recognised the lead singer assumed it was 5 Minutes who were playing when I arrived. Sorry!

Hey All

I will amend the post, no problem. I already linked the official page and embedded a video in the previous post if you look down one.


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