The Beat - November peak season

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dan shapiro
I want to start with a small preface. This is not a post of me tellin' it how it is about The Scene. This is me linking a great post by Dan and discussing it a little. See what I'm doing with this preface thing? Go on, use this meme yourself. Preface.

Dan Shapiro of The Rogue Transmission (pictured centre) writes the column The Beat for City Weekend. I was just checking his latest post at their online site and found something worth bringing up.

So, first up: here it is.

So it's all about how Yuyintang has an amazing line up this month. Here's the quote that got me.

Yuyintang, which has basically become Shanghai's only real (and consistent) livehouse, had just announced its November line-up and rock fans are in for a seriously awesome month.

I have to agree here. I have joked before that the reason I am always at YYT is that it's near my house. That's part of it but the main reason is that it's the only place that's like a true rock /indie venue. That is, it has a separate black-box style room with a stage and rear sound desk. The rest of the club is also done out in the dive style. If it's not clear what I mean, go to a show there and then go to shows at other places the same month and compare. Also, since getting the new place they have gradually added to and improved it week by week and now it's the real deal. Now for what follows this observation - other places need to get their sh*t together. 

Talking of other places. The Subs will be making another Shanghai appearance on the 29th at the Dream Factory. So now you have your chance to see them if you missed last night. Not in Shanghai? Fancy a holiday? Come to Shanghai and watch the Subs gig. Seriously. 

And finally. The scene needn't drop off after November as Dan worries. Check out any one of the five bands mentioned in the last post. They will all be playing somewhere across each month. In short, when it's not laid out on a plate for us it's time to go searching. 

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