Xinhua hipster paradise: update

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xinhua map
A while back I made a post highlighting why my Xinhua neigbourhood was the ultimate place for rock/indie hipsters to be. It coincided with my custom Google map of said area which you can check out via the sidebar. 

Revisit the post here.

So, now we have a vital new addition. I was in conversation with someone about Kaixuan Lu. That road is basically below the path of the line 3 light rail system and used to be the route of the original Hangzhou to Shanghai railway in days gone by. It marks the western boundary of my area and is a bit of a non-event. Of course, Yuyintang is there but next to a station and park by a busy intersection. Anyway ...

It turns out that a large music shop just relocated there, one block south of YYT and just below the junction with Xinhua Road. So, today I decided to check it out. It's split level with guitars on the top deck and has a great selection of quality brands. It's all above board and you can use cards there too. In my excitement, I completely forgot to get the complete name and address of the store and the receipt shows only the accountancy firm name. Anyway, I have added it in to the custom map where you can see a marker showing the exact location.

I mentioned a receipt, right?

Joy of joys, I have upgraded to an even more metal guitar. It's so metal I should be referring to it as an axe now. Behold the new Jackson. It even has a reversed pointy headstock. I always wanted one of those. Swoon.

jackson guitar

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The store is Shanghai Super Music:

Thanks Brad.

Dude, didn't your last Axe back on ol' Parkgate rock the reverse pointy heastock thang?

Or is my brain just dusty with age?

Dude, didn't your last Axe back in ol' Parkgate, rock the reverse pointy heastock thang?

Or is my brain just dusty with age?

Hey Steve, nah, the Ibanez had a typical RG series headstock, a bit pointy, but not really, and straight, no rise or dip.

Actually, my dream guitar was this sand coloured Charvel but when I tried that Ibanez it just played so well for my style/fingers. So I got it instead.

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