Youtube: Pink Berries blast off

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Well this might surprise a few. I have three videos from this weekend. One is of The Subs playing the Halloween show. It was, as usual, amazing. But, the vid I took is from near the start and from the back as your intrepid blogger heard their third song, a personal favourite, and had to disappear into the mosh for the rest of the show.

Then we have Bang Bang Tang. Great sound, great musicianship and surely going to be a big success down the line. Their last video on the blog was a good one too. Also, and this is very important, someone actually did lights for Bang Bang Tang tonight. It's close up and the most watchable video on the channel so far. But still no dedicated post.

So, get ready for Pink Berries. There's a few intro bars, a brief moment of pause ... "We are Pink Berries" ... and then kaboom. If the previous night's crowd was in front of them, it would have been a riot. 

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Jonny was here

Very funny pictures

Gloomy tales

I love this site

this is be cool 8)

this is be cool 8)

Good crew it's cool :)

Gloomy tales

Very funny pictures

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