0093 female singers night @ Yuyintang

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chen gong
Saw some good news floating around right before I set off for Yuyintang tonight. I previously wrote about how the peak month of November was not going to drop off and that every weekend of December was loaded too. Well that schedule gets rounded out now with the announcement of a second Jiao Ban night on the 27th. This also answers my question regarding whether the Indietop bands were going to continue playing small impromptu shows.

So, tonight was the next in a now long line of 0093 parties. Tonight had a theme of female singers. Wang Tian Tian and Jiang Shaoqing were both there manning a merchandise table. The line up:

Sui Guang Pan
Mimi Liang (Beijing)

I got there not so long after the doors opened, but just in time for the start of Moongazer's first song. Good turnout of younger locals, a lot of students supporting Bang Bang Tang especially. Moongazer played a shortish set of four songs and were well received. After a brief glance around I saw that a large portion of the crowd were made up of band members. Too many to go through here. The 90's generation rock people are becoming a regular presence at YYT now. Having made contact at Indietop, Lisa Movius decided to come along tonight and eventually got Shanghai-ed by the 90's people (her crowd).

Moongazer are settled now and the next step is to work towards a longer set. I'm all for that as I'm a big fan of gothic metal with modern influences. Bang Bang Tang were next and they played their usual selection of tracks. The night was quite low key and the band were solid but not really putting their foot on the gas, so to speak. Mimi Liang is a solo folk artist. She played a set by herself with an acoustic guitar. As with a few of these acts I've seen lately, great voice but seemingly no sense of the guitar being horribly out of tune. I have a feeling that they're not bringing their own and the stand in guitars are junk.

A final note about the Hedgehog show tomorrow. Tonight was definitely a last minute statement of intent from arch-nemesis monopod guy. Tonight he brought a full tripod and had it set up dead centre for all of Moongazer and Bang Bang Tang. He also kind of walked around it while taking stills. I was headed off at the pass by Zhang Haisheng who told me he'd have a word for sure. So I'm not sure how it's going to go tomorrow. I leave you with a photo showing how he single handedly turned the front row into a front semi-circle around himself.

monopod guy in action

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the pic makes me speechless

He didn't come to Hedgehog, and anyway, there were so many people and a great mosh so video and photography people couldn't stay in the centre.

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