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Shanghai pop-punk band Pinkberry have rounded off an amazing fast rise on the scene by winning a place at the national finals of the Yamaha Best Band competition. They just got back from Beijing where, among other things, Toni Yu Zhuoran won best guitarist. You can catch them supporting legendary punk rockers The Queers at YYT on Jan 3rd.

Their first demo track Runaway showcases both their knack for a catchy, energetic tune and also Xiao You's strong vocals. As I blogged here, we recently shot a video to go with the demo MP3. I originally wrote a little bit about the sharpness and look of the video but after Youtube have encoded it, it looks like someone added a blur effect anyway so what's the point. If anyone can give me tips/Youtube hacks on how to avoid that they're very welcome.

So here it is, Pinkberry as moody too cool for school students in the iconic (if you live here) blue tracksuits with a scene in Shanghai's own Yuyintang too:

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What's up with the harmonica sub-culture here in China? You have to be at Yuyintang on Jan 3 to see Pinkberry, but you can arrange for a harmonica class anytime!

Also, I'm a bit out of the loop lately so I have to ask, is there a centralized place where all this concert info is being posted/announced? The Pinkberry show isn't even on the Yuyintang site... Or is it all word-of-mouth...

Hi Micah

For English there's a Facebook group for YYT that I check and in Chinese most people use groups. You can join the venue's groups and also the individual bands. Also, I notice that people are doing flyers a lot more recently so you can pick up a lot of info at shows.

I like the video but that teacher just seems like she's overacting.


Ha, that's the idea :)Thanks for the comment.

You might want to try uploading to Vimeo instead of YouTube - the video quality is much higher- sure it doesn't have the hits that youtube does, but if you're just embeding here, then vimeo might work much better. (there's also a higher quality toggle on youtube where you can click "view video in higher quality" - but I don't think you can embed that.

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