Emergency Update: single not single

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Oh shit.

In the previous post I previewed some shows including a single release party by Kongzhong Huayuan tonight at Yuyintang.

Well, today, while checking the time again at Douban, I had a look at the official poster for the first time. Note the balloons and hearts.

Yes. This is the problem with posting up a gig after hearing the details shouted in your ear during a gig. It's not a singles release, it's a singles party. 

It's not just a singles night either. It's a full on event organized by a dating website and there will be 'games' and activities. Have you ever seen a dating show on Chinese TV? Yes, well there you are.

Maybe you are looking for love? Don't let me stop you going to the show and Kongzhong Huayuan are definitely a date band. But it's my duty to correct my previous post. I would even have sent you all there unsuspecting, just for fun ... but dating event 'games', no, it's just too cruel.

P.S. Happy New Year.

P.P.S. Happy "牛" Year is a shitty bad pun and you should never ever use it or you will look like a twat.

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