Jue Festival Photos and bonus throwdown

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New Shanghaiist writer Elaine Chow has just posted up a photo gallery of the two Jue Festival shows I blogged here. There's a lot of pics and you should go there and check them out

I notice there's a bunch of gig/blog regulars cropping up in the pics, perhaps you recognize yourself in my little montage below? No me, I'm afraid, although Abe Deyo posted one of me in the Demerit mosh on Facebook. Good catch, I was only in there for two songs.

Quick comment. That Elaine knows how to tag her blog posts correctly. There are a number of different phrases and word you can choose to describe the scene ... she happens to go with shanghai music scene and shanghai underground. Yup, the blog category name and the Youtube channel name. Is this a Google ranking throw down? Seriously though, it's good to see someone at Sha-iist covering shows again. This blog is watching you, mwa ha ha.

jue montage

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Andy, you really love Shanghaiist do you ?

I think these pictures by Tim Franco deserve it to be mentioned as well:


Hey Mark.

Inter-blog tongue-in-cheek fun. Yeah, Tim does good photos. But,if you read the blog often you'll notice I have a thing about the 'big-camera' photographers though. Every show of note they're either all over the stage or letting of powerful flashes, often into the eyes of the crowd, continuously for the whole set. It's often like the shows are just their own personal studio and the money paying punters are their extras.

At licensed shows back home you mainly can't do flash photography for the obvious reason that it distracts the artists. Go figure. So, I feel that a lot of the main snappers here just take the piss.

However, I do know who Tim is and have noticed that recently he limits the flash now.

Mark, how is your blogging by the way. Is that you working for JZ or do you have a namesake?

hi andy

i ve notice u said something about big camera photographer all over the stage with flash, and you also mentioned me. I agree with you they are way too much photographer that are doing inappropriate things on stage but if personally, i never go on the stage and never use flash... and i have been shooting many shows back home, so i am real aware of the 3 tracks no flash rules...

anyway, hope you dont put everybody in the same basket :)

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