Listen to the full Indietop CD via Neocha

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I know I said I wouldn't be posting but potential posts are mounting up and I want to give you all something to listen to in the meantime.

I have blogged a lot about Indietop and don't really want to go through it all again. They are a label, they did a showcase, they made a compilation CD as a taster to some upcoming CDs. And now, they have a neocha page with the whole CD available to listen to. The CD features some guest acts who won't be recording with Indietop this year as well as their own acts: Momo, Mushrooms, Zhong Chi and Little Nature. I'm a big fan of track 13 which is King by No.33 Island.

So, no need to learn Chinese or surf away, here it is:


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I even like the momo song in that arrangement/production, you need to send me all the songs before my show this Sunday

Andy, thanks for the head's up on Indietop. Like you, I really liked track 13 but many of the cuts were good ones. Finding your music blog was the best thing that came out of my piece for FM; now I don't feel like I'm out of the loop anymore. :)

Hey, thanks guys.

I think Neocha's embeddable player is cool too. Usually I just link the page but this is perfect.

Hi, newbie here. I bought the Indie Top cd from a week or so ago. I wasn't familiar with any of the artists except 33 Dao & Wang Xiao Kun but I'm really enjoying it. So do you know, is Du Jia Xuan (track 2) one of those "guest acts who won't be recording with Indietop this year"? I can't find any info about him... nothing on douban.
And thanks for all the news on the Shanghai indie scene.

Hi Suzy

Official Indietop artists on the Cd are:

Sarah Zhong Chi
Little Nature (xiao ziran)
The Mushrooms (mogu tuan)

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