Mylaowai responds over 'Bus Dialogues'

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I recently called out over his racist poem page 'Bus Dialogues', the whole blog is much the same. 

Better start off by reading why again if you're not sure:

And now he has responded, and so has blogger Sinosceptic in the comments. This is great as healthy debate from differing points of view is what makes the world go round. Sorry about the he, Mylaowai, your blog doesn't indicate your real name.

Seriously, this is what it's all about. So let's begin. And in case any of you tried to read 'The Bus Dialogues' to see what the fuss was about and found it gone or edited for phrases such as 'slit-eyes', I have a stored and dated version you can request. Here's an example:

A Prayer:
Our Father who art in Heaven,
Chinese be thy shame!
Those filthy scum,
Cowards that run,
What the Hell were you thinking?
Give them this day
In any possible way
A toothbrush and knowledge to use it.
This Celstial Kingdom,
Some power, no glory
Not clever for ever

And another:

A Haiku:
If you had no balls,
And your slit-eyes saw laowai,
How would you feel lah?

Here's  part of what I said:

This is Chinalyst's top blog of 2008. A continuous stream of hate and insults with zero analysis on the subjects it claims to care about. The owners of Chinalyst seem to have no problem with this and don't even add a disclaimer to the announcement congratulating Mylaowai on the win.You've got to assume that's because they have no personal problem with the content. But even if they pull the we-just-collect-the-feeds or free-speech defense - it was voted the best by a large margin: Shame on us.

Here's the counterpoint from Sinosceptic:

Dear all, I seem to have lost my bowling ball. Could you please insert a (dry) finger and check up your assholes to see if it's up there? It might be hiding just inside your sphincter, somewhere close to your sense of humour that you lost a long fkn time ago.
Best regards, Fkn NOT,

And here's part of the response from Mylaowai, please read his full statement here, in which he likens calling out racism to a decline of hard fought Western values affected by failed artists:

In Hong Kong, there is a name for people like him: FILTH. Failed In London, Try Hong Kong. China has more of these losers than one can shake a stick at, and they love it here. They love it because here they can pretend they are important, here they don't have to be productive, here they can sit with their friends late at night in dimly lit apartments smoking weed and congratulating each other on not taking orders from The Man, and complaining about how the West is so bad. In a previous age, these people would have attempted to defect to the Soviet Union, although to be fair, the Russians were smart enough to see these useless idiots for what they were.
If this is what your average Chinese sees when he sees a foreigner, it's no wonder they hate us so much.

Actually, the rights and freedoms issue is a good one to bring up, why not? So, I rejoin and allow me to quote the hard fought for but vastly ignored Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, which was linked in the comments over at Mylaowai's post by Justrecently.

    Article One.

    All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Perhaps Mylaowai, or Sinosceptic, would like to explain the connection between the perceived decline of Western values, the speculations about my lifestyle and him referring to all ethnic Chinese as dirty and 'slit-eyed' ... not to mention saying that god made a mistake creating them and it wouldn't bother him if all of them were killed?

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Complaints about a lost sense of humor would indicate that their bus poem was funny.

It's not.

Racism can be funny (and yes, hypocritically I'll laugh - see any Russell Peters show) - but that poem just wasn't. (and the haiku? just horrible)

There's a difference between 'hating living in China' and 'hating Chinese people' and even though I didn't really like them, I think old sites like 'sinocidal' did a decent job of remaining on the side
of the former. This stuff on the other hand, is just too much.
The word 'chink' is used at the bottom of the poem. That's funny at all. It's racist.

Not much of a response there from Mylaowai, more of a relativist fallacy, or a poor attempt at poisoning the well with bullshit. What a fuckwit.

And I despair that he/she/it can't draw any sort of distinction between government and people - the type of person that hates all Americans because of Bush, all Brits because of Blair and all French because of Sarko.

Racists are racists, you're not (unfortunately) going to change that. Call him/her/it out and then flip the bozo bit and move on.

Thanks for commenting everyone.

It's over now. I only write this up at all because of two reasons:

1) The material is clearly over the line in every sense.

2) It was upholded/voted as a good blog with an award.

I've had my say and there we are. Friday = more gigs.

RJ, I disagree with your point that "racists are racists" - it is my opinion that racists are made, not born, and can be unmade. I recommend the sublime video by Jay Smooth on how to gently call people out:

Like almost everyone, I started somewhat racist and homophobic, and probably still am, but am working on it. In hindsight I appreciate the people who have challenged me, even if I was embarassed and resentful at the time.

Silence is the same as agreement; calling out and arguing may not change their mind, but at least you have a stand. Of course, there is only so much one can do, but speaking out and standing up remains important.

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