Other people's Youtube 6.cn: More Pinkberry

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Here is some better footage of Pinkberry from the show last night. This features their newest track that they were debuting at the show. It was produced by RockSH ... yes, my arch-nemesis Monopod Guy! While he has made an arrangement with YYT to stay at the back, the footage clearly shows he has a sidekick. Curses. 


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Hey Andy,

Your blog is terrific as always.

Can you identify the band at the beginning of this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVnjbeWze90


I will have to double check so I don't make a mistake as they are not someone I've seen myself. Give me a moment.

It's ...

Candy Monster

Compliments of Tian Tian from the 0093 studios.

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