Rock 0093 Studio gearing up for the New Year

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Rock 0093 is a rehearsal studio down on Ling Ling Road. But, they are much more than that. Over the past year they have introduced a wealth of new bands and musicians to the scene with some of the better groups starting to really break through now. 

As well as running the rehearsal space they also organize a regular showcase gig for their bands at Yuyintang. They also produce CDs for selected artists and run a shop (online only at the moment) for local band's CDs. Some links from previous posts and the shop too:

Coming up, 0093 will hold their 8th showcase at Yuyintang. This one is loaded with very new bands and they only provide links for two out of eight acts. It's on 6th of February and here's the line up:

Da Fresh 大新鲜乐团
Ziyou Shu 自由数
Jing Shui 静水乐队
Tu Bian 突变乐队
My Chilly Hurt
Kuangxiang Jiqiren 狂想机器人 (crazy robots)
Rovers (Led Zep cover band)

There's also a funny thing going on in the Douban group for 0093, namely the announcement of a new CD that will be called, ahem, "Indie Underground One" and released, ahem, on April Fool's Day. There's even a playful line about April Fool's and Indietop at the bottom of the post:

4月1日 愚人节 和<INDIE TOP>交相辉映

For all those who know Chinese. 

I posted a comment joking about it and fishing, unsportingly, in advance as to if it's a joke or not to which they cheekily replied 山寨版 shan zhai ban. Shan zhai ban is slang for those copy products that mimic a brand name exactly but change one letter in the name or whatever. I hope it is real, check out the proposed track listing (with more TBC including Candy Shop and Bang Bang Tang):

伍角星 - 对白 (Wu Jiao Xing)
胶壳乐队 - 大公鸡 (Joker)
香蕉猴子 - Double Trouble (Banana Monkey)
Pinkberry - Beauty Doll 
望月者 - For Those Who Suffer (Wang Yue Zhe, Moongazer)
空中花园 - Another Grateful Day (Kongzhong Huayuan, Hanging Gardens)
顶楼的马戏团 - 上海欢迎您 (Top Floor Circus)
P&P - 相信 

By the way. It's real. 

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