The Way live @ Yuyintang

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Tonight was officially a Brit Pop night (actually a British style indie night where the bands play all original material) at Yuyintang and The Way were coming up from Shaoxing to headline. Strangely enough, they came up to headline the last one and I made an observation that The Way rocked and it should have been properly marketed as a The Way show. The same thing happened again tonight.

Read the review of the last show here. I mistakenly refer to Hanging Gardens as Empty Garden in that one.

So, tonight's show had three bands on the bill, of which none have a quality page to link, sorry. The Way have just registered a neocha page but there's nothing there right now. A video is on the way. Here is the line up:

Jing Sui
Kongzhong Huayuan (Hanging Gardens)
The Way

Jing Sui were a nice surprise. They are a brand new band and no one had any expectations. They took the stage and went confidently into a four songs set with a great sound. The songs were very well put together and the crowd really liked them. They sound in the same vein as Radiohead and despite a slip here and there, won a lot of new fans tonight. Kongzhong Huayuan are supposed to be on their way up with a CD in the works and a small following building up. This wasn't a good night for them. Singer, Stone, seemed to have his mind elsewhere as he was checking his mobile phone on stage right up until the second he started. Then they kicked off and the sound was rough and all kinds of technical problems kept cropping up. About half the room wandered off for a drink and the band couldn't regain the energy they showed in the first track. Stone seemed to lose his temper a bit and stop singing at one point and then they cut the set short just before the end of the third song.

The Way, on the other hand, seemed to have everything going for them. They had a crystal clear thumping loud sound and they rocked from the get go. They have come a long way since the last show and have a great well developed set. This reminded me of the Casino Demon show a lot but The Way's frontman is on another level of charisma. At one point he 'did a Subs' and joined the crowd for a dance and pogo while the band played a tight instrumental. Like I said last time. This show was an after thought and it should have been properly supported and marketed as a The Way show. Let's hope someone brings them back for a future 'big show' in 2009.

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