Boojii live @ Yuyintang

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shan shan
Experimental night tonight at Yuyintang that featured several artists. Here was the line up:

Triple Smash
Zhong Chi

Boojii, along with Muscle Snog, are at the forefront of Shanghai's experimental indie rock scene. They are the current band of '33' san san (pictured), who also fronted 33 Island. In a parallel universe China these people would be the centre of an infamous Warhol-esque avant garde scene and all of you who bang on about liking bands who are more unique and expressive should be down at the shows.

Boojii are soon, but not yet, to record. In the mean time try these:

Boojii played a great set and by the time the show was rolling there was a good turnout. I've got a clip, watch this space. Triple Smash are Zhong Chi's backing band and they split the set. At first they played three of their new post-rock instrumentals and then Zhong Chi came on to sing three more tracks. The music is recognizable to people who know guitarist Li Xing's earlier work with The Mushrooms. Finally, Wildcat came on to extend the night in a more conventional way, playing J-rock. 

Dan Shapiro was down to check out the bands and put out flyers for Rogue Transmission's upcoming show where they'll be playing new material. Also, the cat is out of the bag for the Hard Queen CD. Posters are up for an upcoming release party at YYT, more info very soon.

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i really like triple smash and zhongchi.

I slept all day and have nothing else to do :)

I like Zhong Chi too but still find it wierd that she recorded the CD ages ago as trip-hop and since Indietop started she performs with the rock band. It's all good.

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