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xiao youUpdate: the MP3 player for Pinkberry is now 'after the jump' so click into the post to hear the song.

Following the demise of SH Magazine, the up and down form of newly revamped That's Shanghai and well the usual from CW and Talk, the Shanghai mags have been a bit sparse on new information or interesting stories about the music scene. But lucky for us, February has thrown up the first true head-to-head since I've been doing this.

Here's the low down: Two professional writers have covered the same band around the same time with completely opposite takes. And now it's time for you to decide. The band in question is Pinkberry, so before we get going you should check out their music yourselves on the player below and have a gander at singer Xiao You (right).

Personally, I like them. I'm a fan of three cord power pop or punk and their DIY attitude. They are a new band, barely together six months and singer Xiao You is one of the few Shanghainese new artists with true ambition and the potential to realise it. But that's just me. I made a DIY video with them too.

So, ahead of their appearance at the New Year show recently, Dan Shapiro of Rogue Transmission and City Weekend magazine wrote about them at his CW blog:

This show is a great way start to the Chinese New Year Holiday, although, unfortunately, you'll be forced to endure yet another Pink Berry set (seriously, this band has already played like 42 gigs in 2009), but atleast it gives you 30 minutes to run to Kedi for some cheap beer.

Also, in the title of the blog he calls Pinkberry Shanghai's worst band. Ouch. You can read the full post here: Tonight @ Yuyintang: Shanghai's best (and worst).

Over at That's Shanghai meanwhile: Jake Newby filed a feature on Pinkberry titled "The best unsigned band in Shanghai". In the article he documents their success in high profile competitions, their endorsement from The Queers after their show together and Xiao You's voice and quality. Not only did Joe Queer dedicate "She's a firecracker" to Xiao You but also invited them to record at his studio in the states. 

The band themselves are modest about their brief career so far. Time to make your own minds up. Hint: like them or not, they're obviously not the worst band in Shanghai.

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