March madness at Yuyintang

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new sign at yuyintang
It's a good time to be living 10 minutes walk from Shanghai's best downtown indie music venue.There's not much room to write in this post so I'll just go straight in, linking headliners where possible.

Oh, better start with this weekend (not March I know)


Fri 27th Boojii, Triple Smash shoegazing, post-rock page here

Sat 28th Frozen Street (Nanjing) page here


Wed 4th Sucker (Xi'an), Dropkicks, Pinkberry ska punk, pop punk page here

Fri 6th October Capricorn, Chaos Mind, Six Shot thrash, nu-metal page here

Sat 7th Reflector (BJ), Pinkberry page here

Sun 8th Female singers night. Many acts but includes Bang Bang Tang, Tianpin Dian and Momo who all give a great live show.

Wed 11th Nightwatcher (Zhengzhou), Fearless thrash, heavy metal page here

Fri 13th Red Banana (Hefei) page here

Sat 14th The Rogue Transmission shanghai rock'n'roll party time page here

Sun 15th Xu Cheng, Ben Hogue, others noise, experimental, avant-garde page here

Fri 20th AK47 (Beijing), Five Pointed Star hardcore, nu-metal  page here

Sat 21st Sound Fragment page here

Mon 23rd Clean Boys (Denmark) page here

Thur 26th The Honeys unplugged night (veteran Shanghai rockers just back from Canada)

Fri 27th Hanging Gardens, Joker, Five Pointed Star, Big Fresh brit pop, indie rock,nu metal

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March 12th, Lindi and Cold Fairyland unplugged promoting the release of Lindi's new album

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