My rock playlist and article up at Layabozi

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Extensive Shanghai-based music website Layabozi has recently stepped up a gear. They have multiple bloggers now and all are posting. They also have flashy modern features, one of which are their playlists.

Every month they get someone who has involvement in the Shanghai scene, or someone who is coming over that month, and get them to pick ten tracks and talk about why they like them etc. And so, this month ... drum roll .... it's me.

So. My blog does not really give out much info about me, in a direct sense. Here's your chance to see what i'm thinking. Listen to the playlist, read what I have to say about the tracks ... be thoroughly unimpressed, then come back here to the comments and get stuck into me about it. It's the joy of being into music.

It's supposed to be about my past influences but I still threw in a couple of China tracks at the end. That's enough waiting go there now:

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