0093 Women's Day party @ Yuyintang

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March 3rd is International Women's Day and it was a perfect occasion for 0093 Studios to put on their second all female singers night at Yuyintang.

Here was the line up:

Black Luna
Candy Shop (Tianpin Dian)
Bang Bang Tang
Hotter Than Teppenyaki
The Dovetail Joints

I was especially interested to see Momo, Tianpin Dian and Bang Bang Tang as all three have had a bit of a lay of from gigging lately to work on their new material. Click on the names for their music.

Great turn out at Yuyintang. Tianpin Dian's sound could have been a bit louder but it was a welcome return and an energetic performance. The highlight was definitely singer Melody Li. She now has a greater confidence and personality on stage which in turn has opened up her voice. The crowd really liked her. They got an encore for which the band switched instruments and YKE performed his filthy bonus track Ding Ding Dong.

Momo continued with their new found professionalism. Since signing with Indietop and recording new, more layered, material they go to great lengths to reproduce it on stage. CC was tight on the drums, using a click via headphones, and they have Jerry Li Xing playing third guitar riffs and setting off samples and effects from a lap top. Their songs sounded great and their blend of wall-of-sound indie and cutesy pop pleased everyone.

Bang Bang Tang sounded dressed sown in comparison but they are driven by Xiao Bai's great voice. They opted to play more fast songs tonight, recent sets have been almost all indie-folk in style. They closed the set with a couple of crowd pleasing covers and I didn't hear any new material. As usual, Xiao Bai was the focus of the set and the audience seemed happy to bask in her talent.

March madness continues and I've seen April's schedule with is even crazier.

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