Bits and bobs (March 09)

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This quickie post is built around some main news. Please appreciate that I can only talk around it. So, let's begin.

For a certain reason, Youtube has gone all screwy. Well, it's largely just gone here. It's probably related to the same reason it went last time. Humorously, it has gone with extreme incompetence and is showing up now and again in certain servers. Anyway - here's the point: it fucks with my blog! 

If it looks like a month or more's worth of no access I'll host the newer vids on a China based site. 

In the meantime, since we're here at my blog, there are two demo versions from the upcoming Hard Queen CD here:

And. This Sunday's female singers show at Yuyintang happens to be on, and for, International Women's Day. So go.

Pictured: talking of women, it's Kang Mao singing for The Subs at Yugong Yishan in Beijing. A true inspiration.

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You should definitely bin off youtube, it crawls along at the best of times.

I signed up to Tudou. Scorchingly fast, and if you're going to embed the clips anyway, what difference does it make to people reading?

I don't know how fast it is outside of China mind you, so I'm tending to double up on youtube too.

I might double up using Tudou anyway from now on, in case of future disaster.

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