Midi rumours: if you can't beat 'em ...

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midi festival old promo
The Midi festival rumours are still flying around. Not 24 hours after an official release saying the Shanghai Midi is on there has been a new message tweeting about saying it's canceled again. This time because of 'permit issues'.

To catch up on the story read the Shanghaiist write up: here

Now we all know the ins and outs, the ups and downs of putting on big shows in China, and about the reliability of various groups too. So this is simply a case where the desire to microblog at the speed of light or be the first to break the inside track has overtaken the speed of real life. 

And ...despite saying that, i'm feeling lonely/left out so I'm now going to join in. Why not.

You see ... I have a source too! More than one in fact and sources who have also spoke to organizers on telephones. So lets stir the pot one more time:

a-p-p-a-r-e-n-t-l-y Midi officially sanctioned both the Shanghai and Zhenjiang shows separately without consulting either parties. The Shanghai festival was in fact good to go but then immediately found out that a bigger better one with access to the same acts was now scheduled close by on the same days. Then they canceled. The permit issue "reeks of BS", says my source.

So, if the Shanghai one doesn't happen and the Zhenjiang one goes ahead, and is confirmed by Midi school to be sanctioned by them. Then you know. But anyway, I still think a 'festival' in Redtown wouldn't be so good. It's too small and sanitized. There would be no festival atmosphere. It would just be about seeing the bands. I've seen up to 15 bands a month, including the cream of Beijing acts, without leaving my district except to go 8 or so bus stops to Dream Factory.

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