Reflector blow the roof off Yuyintang

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This show is going to take some beating this year. Beijing punksters Reflector were in town tonight in what would turn out to be an utter riot. Here was the line up:

Dragon Pizza

So, first of all, go to Reflector's page which has six high quality tracks on it. Listen here at Myspace.

Reflector have been around a while and have a good following. As first act Pinkberry started to come on stage, the main room was already rammed with fans eager to rip things up. The sound was on the money all night, right from the start.

I have to say, I'm so glad this day came as Pinkberry were a 'pick' of mine from the start of the blog. They took the stage, ripped into the first track and it was mosh from the get go. Finally band played to a packed, nuts room. Well deserved. Next up, Dragon Pizza kept things going with a heavier set of metal. The style was out of place next to the other two pop-punk acts but the people just wanted to keep at it. Finally, Reflector took the stage and it went insane. We are only on the 8th day of March Madness but I think I saw the best show already.

And if you think this is all empty gushing, watch the video that I'm posting after this.

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