Rock never dies @ Yuyintang

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A rainy Friday night and I was back in action after a two week lay off. This was an 0093 event with the regular 0093 party coming up soon too. here was the line up:
Walking into Yuyintang I was surpirsed to see more major renovations. The band room has moved upstairs and the old band room is now more seating space. The two rooms are open to each other now and the whole area looks much bigger. Then the raised space behind the sound desk is opened for standing too with the glass having been taken out. Finally, the area on your left as you enter will now be a small shop for band merchandise. It all looks great.
Apart from generally hanging out I had an idea that I wanted to check on Hanging Gardens. The singer has the look and the band have some good ideas but they have yet to stake their claim on a piece of the scene. They were good tonight and the songs got across much better. Their main hit type song Memory Piece worked well, especially the extended instrumental break in the middle and I was taken away a bit. Fans of sensitive jangly indie bands should keep an eye on these guys.
Quick note: I have been waiting out this Youtube thing. It seems that it is coming back in fits and starts. If not I will deifinitely get a video up this weekend through Vimeo or Tudou.

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Haha, I'm a fan of "sensitive jangly indie bands" so I've been following their douban page but so far only 2 demos with no vocals. I'm curious to hear vocals so I'll be looking forward to your video, thanks! Glad you're feeling better :)

Ah, no new video sorry.

But I do have a very old video from last year.


Thanks! I'm curious, do they sing in Chinese as well?

Yeah, both I think.

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