The Rogue Transmission live @ Yuyintang (Mar 2009)

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The Return of Rogue Transmission
It seems that a lot of Shanghai bands are getting what they deserve lately. The Rogue Transmission have had a small break during which they lost a guitarist, replaced him and wrote new material. Tonight was the return, Jedi style (check the flyer). Here was the original line up:

The Dropkicks
Monroe Stahr

I'd seen Monroe Stahr briefly on Thursday night and was impressed with the catchy songs and style. They were added to the bill late only to cancel on the night due to illness. Pity that, as there was a great turn out and singer/songwriter Nicky was keen to play to a regular weekend night crowd.

The Dropkicks went on early and proceeded to play for almost one hour, which I personally feel is a faux pas for a support act in a smaller club gig. They played well enough although the sound over the PA was middling. Then, there was a huge break between them and the band everyone was waiting for. But when Dan Shapiro took the stage it was all worth the wait.

I was worried by the high percentage of party scene ex-pats in the crowd and there were bad shirts and shiny bags everywhere. Luckily there were some cheeky instigators at the front, including yours truly, who were determined to get some action. Rogue Transmission returned tighter, louder and improved. The sound was clear and the material rocked. With a case of the flu creeping in, I had to retire from the front four songs in but it was worth it. Chalk up one more Shanghai band who can headline a Saturday night and rock it.

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(that's clip from the Sucker gig) are getting better and better and people definitively liked them, and the band played longer because the crowd demanded encore, so I'm not sure what you mean by faux pas...

BTW what happened to DJ Sasso? Where was (s)he last night?

Sure, there's nothing wrong with The Dropkicks. But a supporting act is still a supporting act when the venue is a venue then they shouldn't play as long as the main act and keep people waiting too long for the main attraction.

DJ Sacco was there and he put on all the music between the bands. Sacco is happy to stay out of the limelight and play what's right for the overall style of the night. The fact that you didn't notice him, or anything out of place, on a night about a band is a sign of how good he is.

DJ Sacco indeed did a good job, I like what was played between live music.

Concerning supporting acts - it's happened many times before - especially when you have 2 or 3 supporting bands - that altogether they play for much longer than the main star. This keeps people waiting for much longer than The Dropkicks kept us yesterday.

When Sucker came to Shanghai, there were three supporting bands - an unknown (to me) one, Pink Berry and The Dropkicks. They really kept us waiting - but I do not think anybody's complained...

Anyway I had fun last night, and I do not think I was the only one... but maybe because no flu was affecting me...;)

I did have fun.

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