Youtube: Red Banana live @ Yuyintang

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Hefei rockers Red Banana played Yuyintang on Friday night, opening with their track Hello. I managed to get a vid of the song. I'm also sick right now so that's all the write up my brain can manage. Enjoy.

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Hey Andy, get well soon - remember, drink lots of 开水...
BTW I've just read in Shanghai talk that Hard Queen will play at ENO (?) on March 22nd - do you know anything about it?

Eno is a shop on Changle Road that puts on music and arts events sometimes. Hard Queen played there before, there is a video of it at their site.

The Eno show originally scheduled for 3/22 has been cancelled.

Thanks Brad - BTW is HQ going to perform anywhere prior to the widely announced gig at YYT?

YLK - There are currently no plans for a show before the EP release party at YYT. Hope to see you there!

HQ's songs are very catchy, I really like their sound and if only my wife gives me an evening off I'll be there for sure - and thanks for working hard to make this all happen and HQ to get the recognition they deserve!

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