Fading Horizon (Nanjing) live @ Yuyintang

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A lot going on that night. Want to start though by pointing out that Youtube is still down here in China and while I was using Tudou as a temporary stop-gap, it seems that a permanent solution may be needed. In the mean time, no vids this weekend, sorry.

Get in the Van had The Gar and 24 Hours up at Dream Factory but your intrepid blogger worked until 9 and was working again at 9am the next day. So it was off to Yuyintang to see Fading Horizon. This was the official CD release show and they are on Miniless, a maverick experimental collective/label from down this way.

Have a listen to Fading Horizon right here right now.

Also on the bill were Shanghai's own Boojii and 8 Eye Spy. I got there just too late to catch Boojii who went on first and 8 Eye Spy but made it in time for Fading Horizon. 

Fading Horizon mix the layered shoegazing and noise style experimental rock with some clear hooks and beats that work. Yuyintang wasn't as packed as some of the sell out shows of late but it was just as cool. Dreamy soundscapes drifting across the hall and fans who seemed to be as into shoegazing as the band. There was a cheer of approval when they went into the opening riff of the strongest track Twice. I'm listening to the CD as I write and the production is really good. Certainly one of the best offerings from the Miniless stable so far. Fans of obscure and original experimental bands should definitely start to follow this label. Self Party were also a big hit here last year.

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