Happy Avenue & Monroe Stahr live @ Yuyintang

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Friday night at YYT and I'm back in action. Got footage too, will show up here soon courtesy of Tudou.

Happy Avenue 幸福大街 are a popular folk-rock act and the venue was full of their local fans. They have been on the go for a while and had two CD's and a book by the singer (Wu Hongfei) available on the night. They played a long two half set, bringing out the faster songs in the second half. Solid performance although, I'm sorry, songs about apples and butterflies are just not my thing.

Sinophiles need to look this band up. Wu Hongfei is a big deal. The local fans followed her upstairs to the band room after the show to get their books and CDs signed. The music is a blend of local and European folk styles with some modern guitar rock thrown in.

Monroe Stahr decided to go on second, being the more rock of the two bands and risked the whole thing where fans of the folk band go home directly afterwards. This time there was enough people left over to make it worth their while.

This band have been busy. Only a couple of months ago I was chatting to singer Nicky Almasy in The Blues Room and he was talking about getting a proper band together. Now they already have a full set of original material and a nine track CD currently in mixdown. They worried about the sound but tonight it was great. All the songs are tight and the band play with confidence. I especially liked You Hated London, done with a disco rock London-style beat. I wasn't going to video them, but the performance was more than good enough, so look out for that too. 

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