Hedgehog live @ Yuyintang (Blue Daydreaming tour)

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Tonight was a bit of a blur. No pics or vids, strictly selfish enjoyment only.

Hedgehog are one of China's best live acts on the underground scene and were touring to promote their third CD, Blue Daydreaming. The other two are Happy Idle Kid and Noise Hit World. Everyone knows about their shows and this was to be one of the don't miss nights of the year.

So, I was working late today and arrived to an already over filled YYT having missed the first two bands, Pinkberry and Wildcat. Sorry guys.

Then came the bomb (in a good way). I already wrote how my fav Shanghai group The Mushrooms got back to form lately and now they were playing before Hedgehog to a packed hall of fans. Now they are back to their best. The room went off and yours truly was lost in the mosh. Can we have the Mushroom's CD soon please, Soma? It seems like quite a while since they signed. Come on.

After some air it was back into the fray for Hedgehog. Part of their live mojo is that they are in complete control of the tempo and dynamics. It's never really fast or running away, but always just up-beat enough to get everyone moving. I was a bit miffed that they didn't play my favourite live track Wink last time around but this time they played it right up front. Great. The only casualty of the night was my favourite T which got soaked and stretched out of all proportion. Not only that, Brad's new Dig Dug T-shirt shits all over mine anyway. The night was made even better by recent improvements to YYT's sound system which made a big difference.

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Hey Andy, it was nice to see you at YYT, very much live and kicking...:)

I'm really looking forward to the Mushroom's CD too!!

I've just uploaded a clip from last Saturday's gig here.

Another one is being uploaded. I recommend watching them in HQ once the processing has completed.

BTW I'd appreciate if somebody could tell me the title/s of these song/s Hedgehog play.

Visitors in China can use Hotspot Shield to access Youtube; hopefully this soon will not be necessary, though who knows...


Here's the second clip - Hedgehog at YYT, April 11th, 2009.

Title of the song, please...!

The first clip is 'pseudomorph' - track 4 on Blue Daydreaming.

I couldn't watch the second clip as the Youtube proxy now only lets you watch one a day without paying. Don;t you have the CDs?

Thanks Andy. I only managed to buy "Blue Daydreaming", but have not yet had a chance to listen to it. The other album they had on sale at the door was already sold out when I got there. I was told 0093 carries other discs as well, I'll check them when time allows.

BTW I have not had any problems uploading the clips and watching them using Hotspot Shield, have you tried it?

I'm trying the hotspot DL now.

0093 have a Taobao online shop and you can go to the studio to get them too. It's at 93 lingling road, exactly next to the line 4 station Damuqiao Lu.

Thanks! Actually I got Wang Tiantian's cell phone no from Zhang Haisheng at YYT, just have to go there. Before I buy anything online I just want to check the shop first. It's in an old bomb shelter, isn't it?

Yes, it's the underground studio. It's not a shop. Tiantian just keeps all th stock in boxes in his office there. But they are happy to get it out and sell you stuff.

Thanks. Must be quite a few boxes as Wang Tiantian's employees (who sell CDs before concerts at the door at YYT) told me they carried hundreds of titles...

Oh, and check the second clip, it's your favourite...

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