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0093 studio
Today, China Music Radar correctly singled out an article by Lisa Movius at That's Shanghai. The article talks about the 0093 studios and their importance to the scene. Readers of this blog will be familiar with all this, of course. 0093 and Tianpin Dian (Candy Shop) also got some coverage over at SH magazine before it went down. There's an interview with Jiang Shaoqing there somewhere. Jake, can you link that in the comments if you have it?

And here are some oldish 0093 posts by me going back even to pre-blog times at Shanghaiist.:

Said in Samuel L. Jackson's voice: Count 'em, m*th** f***k**, I double dare you!!!! That's a tasty burger. 


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First Person: Jiang Shaoqing

And my favourite bit:

"I hate to see the mess the bands leave after their rehearsals. Once, a band left tons of rubbish in the room and I rushed out of the basement to tell them to come back and tidy it. It’s a public space. How are you supposed to make impressive music without a sense of civic responsibility?"

True that

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