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new sign at yuyintangYou may have noticed that the blog has slowed down lately and that the last post was a guest post. That's because yours truly has been up and down with the flu for five weeks now. And, Youtube has been out in China for two weeks.

Well, I'm back in action this weekend and will use a different host for videos for now. That means more videos will come up at this blog but not on the Youtube channel. So watch this space.

Here's two links:

Jake Newby on the upcoming weekend's shows in Shanghai

Jake again, rounding up the announced line up for the Midi Festival

And now, here are some classic recent tracks from the China rock scene that I have been listening to over and over again.

Reflector: Wu Fan Nao

Casino Demon: Wa ha ha

For Casino Demon you'll have to look down the player and select Wa Ha Ha as it's a few songs down. I also recommend the one after it, Teenage.


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aiiiyah. get well soon !

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