Neocha launch Next Player 2.0

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Neocha is a portal site where Chinese and China-based artists and musicians network and display their work. Next player is a free desktop player that accesses the entire database of uploaded music. It rules. 

So, just today they have launched version 2.0. The new player has filters for genre and ratings and allows you to click into artists pages from the player. It uses Adobe Air as it's platform. 

So, DL it now and give it a try. You won't be disappointed. 

Go here to find out the specs, features and to download.

Also, having a look at the mock up (actual?) sponsor on the page there reminds me of something. Warrior brand shoes are now joining Fei Yue's as the latest cheap Chinese training shoe to be marketed as fashionable or hip on the street by people who know. As a kung fu person, i've been using both companies for years. I have some Warriors right here in this room. Does this now mean I can wear them outside of class without looking like those oddball ex-pats who ride around on revolution era bicycles while locals of a similar age are getting Giant mountain bikes? Or walking around in an old-stylee jacket like Dashan. Hope so, love my Fei Yue's and Warriors I do. 

Hint: Fei Yin may look like Fei Yue but they fall into pieces after about two weeks or training. You know, as opposed to the usual two months.

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Thanks Andy - appreciate the support! Look forward to your feedback.

As for the Warrior "ad", I'll let you decide whether it's real or not :)


Thanks for the link, Andy. I'm doing another music post for FM and will add the NEXT link there along with another one for your blog. Thanks again for keeping we stateside residents informed on the music scene there.

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