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I listed up a bunch of upcoming shows in the last post and have been listening to some of the bands in anticipation.

I have to be a little self aware on the blog and temper my own tastes with some different stuff. So, check out these bands, all of which are playing here soon.

First I'm going to link a Neocha page and I want to take the opportunity to remind everyone that it's an excellent site where local artists and musicians post their work and network too. It's an amazing tool for delving into local culture directly without the various annoying mainstream media China-isms. 

Also - Neocha have the Next player that gives you desktop access to the entire database of songs. I'm getting excited about version 2.0 which is very close to release and will allow sorting by genre and some other stuff. Watch this space.

So first of all:

Check out the Nanjing based experimental rock outfit Fading Horizon: listen here

Also playing with them that night will be Shanghai's Booji. Read a review with music links here.

Finally. The excellent and original Ourself Beside Me are coming to town with their latest CD. Check out the mindblowing-ly-good single Sunday Girl here. The CD intro is in with the track together at that page so listen on a bit.

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Two songs by Ourself Beside Me from their Shanghai concert in January this year - here and here.

Neocha never plays for me here in the US but I found Fading Horizon at douban. Always nice to listen to try new music, thanks! Also, one post back you have Life Journey listed as post-rock? Errr??...or maybe you meant besides Life Journey there will be some post-rock that night?

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