Retros live @ Yuyintang

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The title of this post is slightly misleading. I went to the show. well in time for the usual headliner's starting time ... alas ... Yuyintang was packed beyond any inkling of safety and/or half the people there being able to even see the band. 

What's more, Retros went on quite early. So, I can tell you, they sounded great and people were into them, but I was standing out in the park with Brad Ferguson, Jake Newby and Archie Hamilton having a natter for most of my time there. Shout out to Michael too.

We all had a chat about recent events and at how packed the past few weekends had been at all venues. By coincidence, the basic thread of the discussion is summed up quite nicely in an earlier post over at CW by Dan Shapiro. It also quotes three out of four of the above mentioned people. 

Go there now and read Dan's superbly laid out summary:

While you're at it, here's another Dan post on Queen Sea Big Shark: read it

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I was there at about 9PM, did not expect such crowds at YYT. I managed to get inside and it was definitively worth it, Retros are great, and it was one of the best gigs I've ever been to at YYT. I saw Brad outside after the concert, could not spot you.
BTW after reading your post I realized why the YYT guy was cleaning the window behind the scene in the middle of the concert...

Video clips from the concert will be uploaded soon.

Two clips from Retros gig at Yu Yin Tang - which BTW was probably one of the best concerts I've been to in the last 3-4 months - "Up Next: Bela Lugosi's back" and another one I do not know the title of.

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