The good times just keep rolling in

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There are all kinds of shows coming up, some festivals, some YYT shows a couple of good events at the Dream Factory, hopefully not the last, and a bunch of other stuff.

I don't do true listings or whatever but just skimming the upcoming shows on Douban and mainly at Yuyintang I see some great nights on the way. The following list is not complete, it's just some highlights and I always blog YYT so much because I live round the corner, like it and am a person of habit. That is, I'm always there.

Sat 18th (this weekend) Retros @ YYT

Sat 25th Miniless presents Fading Horizon and Booji @ YYT (experimental/Syd Barret influenced).

Also that night 'Get in the Van 3' at Dream Factory with Boys Climbing Ropes doing the after party at YYT after the Miniless shows is done.

Wed 29th Top Floor Circus @ YYT

May 1-3 Splitworks Canada fest @ YYT (featureing local acts too)

May cont...

Fri 8th Ourself Beside Me CD tour

Sat 9th Brain Failure and The Mushrooms @ Dream Factory

same night Overdose @ YYT

Sun 10th The Honeys @ YYT

Fri 15th Life Journey @ YYT (post rock)

Thurs 22nd Carsick Cars and The Gar @ YYT

Fri 23rd Casino Demon CD release @ YYT

Sat 30th Joyside @ YYT (legendary Beijing Punk outfit)


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Carsick Cars and The Gar? That should be a good'un. Mind you, it all looks pretty damn exciting

Ourself Beside Me were releasing their new CD in late January this year, so is there really another one coming out so soon? Two new discs in 4 months - impressive...


The January gig was the Maybe Mars label showcase done especially for the Jue Festival. The CD happened to be out at that time. This next show is part of the first national tour for the CD. The same CD.

Not forgetting the wildly differing meanings of 'national tour' between here and countries with a developed rock music scene, of course.

I'm definitely a more hard rock/punk fan. However, I must say that the Ourself Beside Me CD is great and shows that China's indie/underground musicians are capable of producing truly modern creative and eclectic sounding music too.

I recommend anyone who hasn't got it already to go to the show and get it.

National tour... I checked OBM's website and found only Shanghai and Guangzhou listed there as the places for their upcoming concerts, and wonder if that's what they mean by _national_ tour...

Hey hey,

That Get in the Van one, the line-up is pretty massive: Dropkicks, Banana Monkey, Rogue Transmission, The Gar, 24 Hours. And both the headlining BJ bands are in town behind new CDs.

Just to add to your information up there...


And apparently there will be a free bus to take people to YYT after the gig in DF.

Thanks Morgan

That's gonna be a big one too.

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