0093 bands return to their dreams @ Yuyintang

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hanging gardens play the cure
In the first of two holiday shows at Yuyintang, 0093 Rock put on a special show where seven of their bands played a set of covers featuring the band that first inspired them to play.

Here was the line up:

伍角星(Five Pointed Star)致敬Linkin Park
空中花园(Hanging Gardens)致敬The Cure
The Rovers致敬Led Zeppelin
大象装修队致敬Blink 182
Bloody Mary致敬Radiohead
五便士致敬Guns N' Roses

I arrived on time and was surprised to see the place rammed already. With five minutes of me entering, scenester and indie folk artist Fanqie Chaodan, who was taking the tickets, held up three fingers to 0093 organiser Tiantian to signal the 300 mark. And it didn't stop. I broke into a grin as I entered on account of that thread and Fanqie just said "don't laugh". Poor guy. And yes, his net handle does in fact mean 'Tomato and Egg' like the famous dish.

During Radiohead, the first band to sound professional for the night, me, three local lads and one more foreign legion member tried to get a pogo going. It was fun for just us but the front  half audience, seemingly comprised solely of timid looking students, didn't go for it. Also, Radiohead songs are generally shot through with emo wailing and mosh unfriendly sections. Even the heavy bits have choppy rhythms and odd time signatures. 

I was there to see Hanging Gardens do The Cure. It was great to see Hanging Gardens do anything in front of a packed house. They were great but only played four tracks (the average for the night was six). However, we got Friday I'm In Love and Lullaby in there. While the other bands just played the style that they pretty much sound exactly like anyway, Hanging Gardens made a cool choice and pulled it off well. They turned what I thought was going to be a low key warm-up night for the Mushroom's gig tomorrow into a memorable night in it's own right.

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